Sunday, December 26, 2010

Red faced (and it has nothing to do with the holidays). . .

Thanks again to all who have signed on as a ‘follower’ – hopefully, I’ll have a few interesting things to say/share along the way.

When I wrote in my first ever blog that I would attempt to keep up with my newly created blog while in ‘travel mode’, I really did have the best of intentions!! I guess I don’t quite have a ‘handle’ on how to accomplish that just yet though! I have to confess that I’ve been out of ‘travel mode’ for over two months now and still haven’t gotten back ‘to it’!! Hmnnnn, I’m not sure what that’s all about!! I recently wrote in an email to my brother and sister-in-law that I may have to seek therapy to get to the bottom of this ‘blog block’ thing. . . tsk, tsk! Prior to spending big $$$ on that approach though, I’m determined to give this a serious. . . ‘have at it already’!!

I was a total blog novice when I wrote that first blog and closed out from it.  At the end of a very busy summer, I decided to go back to the blog site to re-introduce myself to the blogging thing, get re-oriented on the how to’s, and re-read my first ever blog. Imagine my surprise when I found several ‘followers’ listed on my blog. It never occurred to me that someone would ‘find’ my blog before I sent out emails to my family and friends telling them about it!!  I’m not just a little embarrassed about that and I offer my apologies for seeming to abandon the blog.  Thanks to each and every one of you who took the time to welcome me and leave a comment on my first post. Recently I received an email ‘nudge’ from a blogger who had found my blog via a link on another couple’s blog.  I sent her a note thanking her for the ‘nudge’ and now thank her once more! I did ‘set to work’ writing this and a couple of additional ‘posts’ in ms word within a couple of weeks of receiving her email.  Here’s hoping that I’ll actually post these within the next week and that will jump start me to some regularity!!

I decided that probably the best approach for me, at this point in time, is to write up a few ‘posts’ sharing where I’ve been and what’s been happening for the past several months and then, as I go forward, I can include some of the great places I have visited / stayed since leaving Hudson, NH back in early August 2008. That should ‘catch me up’ with family and friends that I haven’t been able to keep up to date over these past two 2+ years.

 Getting back to the topic of being a blog novice and finally getting back to re-acquainting myself with blogging, I was delighted to find new templates on Blogger!! I couldn’t resist converting from the old template that I used to create my original blog post and I like the format/layout/features on these newer templates. I sure hope it will continue to be user-friendly! There is still much to learn ‘cause I like all the ‘whistle and bells’ that are offered and that I have enjoyed seeing on the blogs I find myself ‘following’ (ie. photos that can be clicked on to enlarge, links to Picasa web albums, rv park reviews, etc.)  I may be calling on you experienced bloggers out there to help me figure out how to accomplish a task that me baffled from time to time.

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Judy and Emma said...

Welcome back! I wondered what happened to you. :)