Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My first ever blog post!

It’s taken me almost two years to get around to this blogging thing! Let’s face it – there are many, many full timer blogs out ‘there’ so I’ had been wondering – who needs one more?! Finally, after much prodding (from those who will remain nameless) I am putting fingers to keyboard and setting my thoughts adrift on the page! I hope this ‘release’ will prove worth your time and interest over the period that I’m posting this blog.

When I was in the anticipation stages of full timing I thought that I would create a web page once I ‘hit the road’ - where I would post information and photos of where I was at any given time. I continued to think in this vein as I began my ‘adventure’ – even taking a class on setting up a website while I was situated in the St. Petersburg, FL area in the fall of 2008. For some reason though, I just wasn’t making the time to actually get a web page created. Some, including one of my daughters, thought I should just join Facebook and use that site to accomplish my goal of staying ‘in touch’ with family and friends. That approach didn’t appeal to me - though I must admit I haven’t given that site a thorough ‘looking into’ yet.

I was introduced to ‘blogs’ last fall, when a really nice couple I met at an rv park in Napa CA gave me a card with their blog site info. I was intrigued and within the next day or two I started reading their blog (it’s Laurie and Odel by the way and I know many of you are followers of their blog). Through their blog site, I started reading other full timer’s blogs. To my amazement, I found that each blog is unique and has its own personality or approach and doesn’t seem to be repetitive(?). I became a fan of the blog approach and decided that would be just the thing for me. After all, this ‘full timing-get out there and see this country-do what you want, when you want to’ lifestyle does keep us pretty busy so…. who has time to be writing to everyone individually!

While in active travel mode, I hope to be fairly regular in posting on my blog. I suppose that while I’m lingering in one location for awhile or workamping for a period of time, I will post less frequently?! I’m also thinking that this blog will ‘evolve’ as time moves along. I wanted to search through some of the other full timer’s blogs to their beginning blog so that I could have some idea of what to start off with. After an afternoon of trying to ‘reach back’ on several of the blogs, I found that I either couldn’t get to the first of the blogs or a lot of folks started blogging even before they started out full timing!! All I can say at this point is…..this should be still another interesting adventure folks!!

I welcome you to my blog and hope that you will comment freely (well…..maybe not THAT freely), Thanks for stopping by and here goes…….