Monday, December 27, 2010

Kathy's home on wheels & tow vehicle

I really LOVE my cozy home on wheels. It's a 2005 34' Carrage Cameo with four slides -- the dining/sofa slide (seen behind the cab of the truck in the photo) has four 'skylight' type windows on the top, which really fill the main living area with light.  I pull the 5er with my 2005 F250 SD King Ranch crew cab Triton V10 (short bed). I bought each of them used in 2008 and I have been very happy with both of them.
The short bed truck has been a challenge at times but I've been doing much better at maneuvering the 5er without 'popping' the rear window of the cab!!  Yup, I do have a 'slider' hitch but. . . . have never learned how to use it . I even wonder if the hitch would actually slide on the rails after all these years of not using it. The previous owner of the 5er included the hitch in the deal and he commented that he had only used the slider once!!
At the time that I was searching for my tow vehicle, I did a ton of research.  I knew that I definitely did not want a diesel pickup. I'm not even 'open' to discussion on this and have heard all the points favoring diesel vs regular engine and the pulling power, etc.  I do respect all those who have decided they prefer a diesel and also all their reasons for making that choice -- this is just a strong personal choice on my part. So far, this combo is working fine for me and, of course, I sure hope it will continue to for another few years.

When I found my truck, the fact that it is a short bed became worrisome to me so I started searching for a Glendale Titanium with the step-up cab over feature.  Unfortunately, there were very few used ones on the market and the few I found were either too long or a had a floor plan that I knew wouldn't work for me.  I was just a month away from my departure date in the summer of 2008 when my sister suggested that I just pack up the truck with whatever I had left in my apartment and head down to stay with her in Gulfport. "There's a b'zillion' rv's down here - just come. . . . you'll find on within a couple of weeks" is the way she put it.  Then, after returning from a July 4th weekend in NYC, I found three Cameos for sale within a reasonable driving distance.  I knew this was the one as soon as I stepped inside!!   There has been a few times when I've thought about switching out to a Titanium for the step-up overcab feature but. . . . haven't looked into it seriously.  At this point, I'm thinking any change I might make should be to a smaller unit -- there's been so many places I would have liked to set up but the site size restriction was much too small for this rig.

For now, though, I'm truly enjoying life in my Cameo and I just love driving my truck.  
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