Friday, August 3, 2012

It's Official. . . . .

. . . .  my 5th wheel sold -- the new owners closed on the sale a week ago today. PPL Motorhomes in TX was a very good choice for me -- they had it for a little over two months and the whole process went very smoothly. Thank you to Laurie/Odel for recommending PPL to me back in the Spring of 2010 during our visit up at the Napa Fairgrounds RV Park.

While I’m happy that it’s sold, I have some lingering sadness at the fact that it’s no longer my ‘home on wheels’. I’m currently visiting my daughter who lives in MA and, recently, I’ve experienced a couple of mornings when I first wake up and, momentarily I think something like . . . . .it’ll be nice to get back to my own ‘space/place’ (no reflection on my accommodations here at my daughters).  Will I continue to have those momentary lapses now that it has been sold?  I'll have to wait and see! 

I’ve been enjoying my stay in New England visiting with my daughter and her friends here  

'Auntie Dianne'
blowing bubbles for baby Quinn
An added bonus is that I get to house/cat sit for my ‘grand-kitty’, Wilson, while my daughter is away on work assignments from time to time. 

Curious Wilson -- checking out my coffee mug!
Last weekend Dianne and her boyfriend, Todd took me out to a
dinner-show at a spot in Cambridge that I’ve always wanted to go to -Sculler’s Jazz Club. The Manhattans were appearing there.  What a great show they put on!
Our little table was situated right up alongside the small stage they were performing on. It’s a great venue and the group welcomed audience participation throughout. If The Manhattans are ever doing a ’gig’ in your area, try to get out to see them -- ticket prices are very reasonable and it’ll be a fun evening.

Most of this trail is nice 'n shady!

While staying here in the Watertown area 
I’ve also been reacquainting myself with my walking/biking routes back in this area. I had posted about finding the Mt. Auburn Cemetery last fall while up here recuperating from my fractured arm. This visit, I’ve gotten back over to the
Minuteman Bikeway Trail - a wonderful multi-purpose trail that runs from Arlington to Bedford MA - covering 11 miles.  

I especially like to pick up the trail in the Lexington MA location as there’s a neat little visitor center there with lots of information on the various historical places to see while in the area. The trail runs parallel to the little town center in Lexington - a nice place to stop and enjoy lunch or a cold drink/ice cream to cool off during or after your walk/biking trek.

Over these four years that have passed since I left to rv full time, I’ve retained my dentist and doctor (both located in southern New Hampshire). I’ve got my yearly physical and dental checkups scheduled for next week and have allowed a few days extra for the typical lab work, mammogram, bone density scan, etc. before heading back to CA.

Havana was looking so sad the
day I was packing to leave
I’ll be house and dog sitting with my pal, Havana when I get back there while my other daughter and her husband go on vacation toward the end of this month. Then, before I know it, it’ll be September and the start of Fall.


It looks like I’ll be continuing the process of transitioning for awhile as I see what ‘comes up’ in the months that follow. For now, I’m content with allowing life to ’unfold’ as I go. 

This should be very interesting??!!

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