Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another 'catching up' post

Guess I'll just skip right over the ''s been awhile since I last posted excuses'.  Try as I might to move blog posting closer to the top of my 'to do' list, it seems that I just don't deem it as important as I wish it were!!  So.. . . .  I'll just get right to the 'catching up'!!

I've made terrific progress since my last post in November.  As I had written in my November post, I was staying at my daughter's home in Watertown, MA for the healing portion of my bone fracture.  Fortunately, it was fall in New England and that's always a beautiful time to be there.  The day after my daughter from CA and I arrived in MA (from Louisville, KY), her lost luggage was delivered mid-afternoon.  A little later she suggested we head out for a refreshing walk since she now had appropriate walking shoes and clothes!!  We walked toward the Cambridge town line and next thing I knew she suggested we walk through the Mt. Auburn Cemetery situated in both Watertown and  Cambrige!!  Hmnnnn. . . . ok?!  

As we walked along the roads and paths,
we came to a small hill that had a tall
tower built on it.  Turns out, it was a
moument to George Washington.  We
arrived just around the time that the
docent was closing the structure for
the day but a climb to the top offers a panoramic view looking into Boston.

When we exited on the other side of the grounds, I realized that I knew this spot from years ago!!  For the first two years of my married life, my husband and I lived in Cambridge -- not too terribly far from this very place and when we moved to Belmont after those first years, I rode the Trolleybus right past this place every day heading into Harvard Square where I hopped onto the T to get to my job in Boston.   Unfortunately, the photos don't do the view justice.  I took these photos with my iPhone as I had left my camera behind in my rv.

My favorite walking route became the one that took me back through this beautiful spot over and over.   Mt. Auburn Cemetery  was the first landscaped cemetery in the country and was dedicated in 1831.  There is much history associated with this cemetery and it is listed as a National Register of Historic Places and in 2003 it was listed as a National Historic Landmark.                

One day I happened on a beautiful monument and when I stopped for a closer look, I found it was dedicated to Mary Baker Eddy - she was the founder of
Christian Science religion. Another time I found                                      Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's resting place.  I found myself choosing a walking loop that included this place many times during my six week stay in Watertown.  It is truly a beautiful 'respite' from the surrounding noises and busy traffic patterns and a perfect place to sit and enjoy the peaceful beauty that exists there. Here's a link to their website -- chocked full of wonderful photos and history:

Another walk that I enjoyed took me past the Watertown Arsenal established in 1816 and the Commander's Mansion is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Late in the 60's the Army ceased using the buildings and they were sold gradually over the years.  The exterior facade has been retained/restored and the buildings now house private businesses, including a mall. 
It's located just a few short blocks from my daughter's house and.  I would frequently do a large loop that would include a timely end to the day's walk so that I could stop in to the Panera located in one of the buildings for a bowl of soup or chili w/cornbread yummmm!!

On a very special occasion or two, I'd have a four-legged friend walk aways with me (typically around the block where he lived)!!  His name is Wilson and he is very special!!  Wilson and I spent a couple of months together 'bonding' last summer. 

Mainly though, this was a favorite 'hangin' out' spot . . . .

I continued to heal and made a final visit to the Mass General Orthopedic doctor, who felt that it was time to get started with my PT sesssions.  He readily agreed that I could have those wherever I would like. It was now mid November so. . . . I chose to head to the sunny and warm south -- after sticking around to share Turkey Day it was off to FL!!  

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